Skydive PINK Klatovy Dropzone



Pink Skyvan Dropzone has an yearly Membership, one for regular jumpers and one for VIP jumpers.

Regular : € 50/year (every 11th jump the member will receive a free one during the week)

Jump Ticket: € 31

Below 2000m: € 17

Balloonjump 1000+m: € 105

Ballonjump below 1000m: € 60

High Altitude Jump FL200: € 55

VIP: € 180/year – With this membership you’ll pay lower jumping fees

€ 27,50

€ 17

€ 105

€ 60

€ 49

Coachjumps (One on one) € 45 Coaching includes: coach slot, coaching fee, video of the dive, dirt dive, video debrief

AFF Course pricing: 1680 € (1-7 jumps/levels)

Skydive Pink AFF course does not only include all AFF Levels, but also as many jumps as you can make during the set time frame!

AFF All Inclusive includes:

accommodation in 2-bed room at the Drop Zone

AFF ground training

AFF Level 1-7 *Note: rejumps not included

Solo jumps – all you can jump!

Rental of jumping Equipment

Instructor supervision

Training sessions 5 coach jumps with rated instructor/coach

examination jump

license exam

USPA A-License and 1st year of membership

The courses Include ground coaching and 10 coachjumps during the course.


€ 350

€ 310 – for VIP-members

+the jump tickets

Relative Work

€ 230

€ 215 – for VIP-members

+the jump tickets

Based on Skydive Pink Klatovy Dropzone the prices for tandem jumps are the following:

Tandem Skydive jump (up to 90 kg incl. clothes): 235  €

Tandem Skydive jump (from 90,1 to 95 kg incl. clothes): 290 €

Video of the tandem skydive jump: 120 €